Picking a Survival Shelter: How to Start Prepping 101

Picking a Survival Shelter

An important outside survival skill is picking a survival shelter. It is essential for your survival to understand the appropriate methods to make a shelter that will enable appropriate sleep and rest while supplying defense from the elements.

The context of the environment plays a significant role on the needs for a shelter. Numerous people can only survive a matter of several hours without adequate security from severe climate conditions. Extreme heat and cold are very harmful circumstances to face without the correct shelter and security for the body, even possibly leading to death.

The first step picking a shelter is to select the proper location. The place of your survival shelter need to be as safe as possible. Try to produce a shelter that is quickly visible. This will assist  search and rescue groups to you quickly.

Beware of hazards that might fall on you or destroy the shelter. Whenever possible, you should make a shelter near water, but avoid getting too close. This could bring you trouble with bugs and flooding.

If your survival equipment includes an extra poncho or blanket, your job of making a shelter is considerably easier. If not, you will need to use the items in your immediate surroundings to develop a shelter for protection from the elements. Be on the lookout for places where the natural environment might have already made a shelter for you. Survival does not require that you reinvent the wheel. If a cave, or low limbs are available, utilize these as part of your survival shelter. Do not overcomplicate the issue at hand.

Making Your Own Shelter

Make your own shelter that can accommodate you while you sleep and rest if nature hasn’t offered a shelter for you. The survival shelter must only be large enough to sleep easily. In cold environments, you will need to heat this area, so bigger does not always suggest better.

It will take some time to make a shelter that will supply a level of comfort and protection. Do not wait until you are exhausted and it is dark to start picking your shelter for the night. Think about your shelter prior to everything else that you do. It will likely be the most important thing in saving your life, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Whenever possible, let the shelter opening face far from the prevailing wind. This will make sure that you are more comfortable in the cool of the night. Security from the rain, sun, and wind is essential to feeling well enough to continue.

picking a survival shelter
Picking a survival shelter can be the difference between life and death.

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