Russia Attacks Ukraine – Will It Destroy Ukraine’s Defense?

Thursday, February 24, 2022: Russia attacks Ukraine. Today: As Russian forces continue their assault on Ukraine, fears are growing about the potential repercussions. The Ukrainian military says it’s repelling the assault. And Zelenskyy says the Ukrainian government will hand weapons to all those who want to defend their country. But despite the warnings of the world, Putin’s invasion of the country is not likely to stop there. It will inevitably deteriorate into a full-fledged war with a country it fought for decades.

Russia attacks Ukraine

The U.S. and European allies are concerned about a potential conflict in Ukraine that could result in the worst war since World War II. The attack in Ukraine could create hundreds of thousands of refugees and cost thousands of civilian lives. In the past, Russia has been a threat to Ukrainian independence by using misinformation tactics, jamming communications and blocking access to Western media. The Russian president’s comments have raised the possibility of a larger, wider conflict in the vast space between Europe and Asia.

The attack shook global markets. The newest round of attacks by Russian troops came as no surprise. They are attacking Ukraine from three directions: the north, east, and south. An explosion lit the sky above Kyiv’s capital, and rockets were reported falling on a nearby civilian building. Further explosions rang out across the Ukrainian capital. The Foreign Minister of Ukraine tweeted that the country would defeat Russia’s aggression. The international community needs to isolate the aggressor and kick them out of every where it’s not wanted.

As the Russian attack escalates, the U.S. will not wait any longer before bringing the criminals to justice. Moreover, President Biden plans to hold a news conference on Wednesday, in which he’ll also discuss possible sanctions on Russia. Earlier attempts at dialogue broke down, and Putin exorcised Zelensky, calling him a terrorist. He then urged the Ukrainian military to overthrow Zelensky.

Besides saboteurs, Russia is a major producer of oil and natural gas. It is also a major food supplier to Europe. By the way, Russian troops have a large military presence, so the country’s economy is highly affected by their presence. So far, there have been no reports of casualties. But as of this writing, no one is yet confirmed the rumors of a war in Ukraine. The US army commander for Europe has said that the US will defend its territory, but the situation in eastern Ukraine is unpredictable.

Despite the fact that Russia attacks Ukraine, the Kremlin has been denying any aggression against the Ukrainian people, but he has denied any provocation against the nation. He has pointed his troops toward the breakaway regions, and the West’s response is equally unpredictable. The Kremlin has also repeatedly warned that a war with Ukraine will be a “destabilized” state. But no matter how serious the situation is, it’s still unclear if Putin’s action will help Ukraine.

The Kremlin is under international sanctions, a threat to the transatlantic security order. The Russian government has also accused Ukraine of employing neo-Nazis. But it’s impossible to believe that the country’s right-wing politicians are merely acting out of fear, and are not actively pursuing a war of aggression against Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian president has denied the accusations of neo-Nazis and has repeatedly urged peace.

The situation in Ukraine has been escalating at an alarming pace. The Russian ruble has fallen and markets in Russia have swooned. Meanwhile, corn and wheat prices have surged. The U.S. intelligence community believes Kyiv will fall within a few days. While there are many questions to be answered, there are already some signs that the Kremlin is trying to reinstall its former president, Viktor Yanukovych. The former president fled Ukraine for Russia after the Euromaidan Revolution.

Russia attacks Ukraine Summary: The Russian military has launched a major attack on Ukraine, and the Ukrainian military has retaliated. A major concern is that Putin has no plans to leave the country, and he has made it clear he will not hesitate to invade again. He has even declared war on the Ukrainian economy in an attempt to prevent the United States from getting involved in it. This has been a dangerous situation for the EU and Russia’s relations with the US.

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