Russian and Ukrainian Talks Resume: Is Peace Coming?

On Monday, Russian and Ukrainian talks are scheduled to resume. The recent rounds have resulted in significant progress for both sides. The latest round of talks will take place through video conference. Ukrainian President Zelensky’s aide Mykhailo Podolyak said the negotiations continue “non-stop.” During the meeting, he also praised the efforts of the Russian side. He added that the situation in Ukraine is a nightmare for civilians.

Russian and Ukrainian Talks to Resume

The fourth round of talks started Monday. Kiev officials are portraying a more positive tone, despite the past failure of previous negotiations. The Ukrainian government has made it clear that it is seeking an immediate cease-fire and the withdrawal of Russian troops. Meanwhile, the Russian side has avoided showing red lines or ultimatums and has been avoiding ultimatums. In contrast, the Ukrainian side has demanded that the Ukrainian government withdraw its forces.

As the fourth round of talks gets underway, both sides have hailed the progress of the previous rounds. Despite the heightened tensions in the region, both sides are highlighting the progress made in earlier rounds. One Ukrainian negotiator posted a photo of a video-conference meeting with a Russian official. The lead negotiator said the talks were “hard.” Another official from the Russian presidency, Dmitry Peskov, discussed the role of Wall Street in the negotiations.

While both sides are denying any involvement in the conflict, Zelensky’s aide claimed on Saturday that the Russians were willing to make concessions. He alleged that the negotiations had shifted toward more positive elements. He also said that talks had begun almost daily since the conflict broke out. In his video address, Zelensky urged the Russians to close the sky and stop attacking each other. As a result, more than 130,000 civilians were saved in six days.

The White House is weighing the possibility of sending President Joe Biden to Europe for face-to-face talks with European leaders. The White House is also considering whether President Biden should visit NATO headquarters on March 24. After a week of tense negotiations, the parties could resume the talks. But if this option is rejected, the U.S. will still be the main decision maker. It will likely depend on how the Russians react to the position of the U.S. and the EU.

The Russian and Ukrainian governments are due to resume Tuesday. There are two weeks of fighting and tensions in Ukraine and Poland, but both countries have already declared their intention to stay in the conflict. The negotiations between the two countries are also critical for their economy. If the talks resume, the US would be a strong ally for the occupied country. The government is also seeking economic and military assistance from the EU. It will be crucial to ensure the safety of both nations’ nuclear facilities.

There are still some issues that must be resolved before any progress can be made in the talks. The Russians have repeatedly bombarded Ukraine, and the locals have fled the country. The government and the separatists are unable to reach a deal. The two sides’ representatives are in constant communication. During the Monday online meeting, both sides expressed their hope for progress. The Ukrainian government is also requesting an immediate ceasefire and withdrawing Russian troops from the country.

The renewed talks will allow the two countries to resume direct contact. While the two countries are negotiating, they have agreed to meet in person. The US wants them to discuss the disputed territories, but the Kremlin has been hesitant to meet with Zelenskyy. However, the Ukrainian President said he was willing to work with Putin and was eager to continue negotiations. The US is a key player in these negotiations. The Russian government is eager to ensure that the talks are successful.

While the talks have been ongoing for a while, they have failed to reach an agreement. But the National Guard chief blamed the slow progress on far-right Ukrainian forces. Several days ago, the two sides did manage to reach a ceasefire were signed. This was the first time in a decade that the two countries had reached a truce. They remained in touch over the weekend, but it took nearly three weeks to see any signs of a breakthrough.


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