The Russian Land Corridor and the Demarcation Line

Russia seeks to divide Ukraine

There are several possible scenarios for Russia’s actions in Ukraine, but one of the most plausible is a division of the country. Putin wants to capture the country’s east and south, where they have a large military industrial base and intercontinental missile production. But he also doesn’t want to seize Kyiv, as he knows that it will be impossible. Thus, Putin is more likely to request that the European Union send peacekeepers to help him achieve this goal, which would be the consolidation of the status quo.

The Russians have tried several times to divide Ukraine, most recently in the 2004 and 2014 Ukrainian revolutions. Western attempts to thwart Russian aggression have failed due to a lack of understanding of Russia’s deceptive methods and expansive intentions. Moreover, Russia continues to talk about the Minsk agreements, which could pave the way for a division of the nation and leave it with a smaller nation.

Nevertheless, there is no other option for the Russian leadership than to divide the country. The situation is already dire and the Russian President hasn’t decided yet what he wants to do. While a split may seem like a more acceptable option, it is not clear whether he will do it or not. After all, he needs to find an entity that can enforce the division. As of now, there is no evidence of such an entity.

In the past, he’s repeatedly declared that the issue of Crimea is closed. In the past, he also recognized the separatist republics in eastern Ukraine as independent states. However, this doesn’t make the Kremlin’s demands for a Ukrainian referendum in these regions unacceptable. It is important to note that there are many other options for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. And if you are looking for a non-violent solution to the Ukrainian crisis, there are plenty of them. If you want to find out how to avoid a war, contact a local lawyer.

While the situation in Ukraine is already dangerous, the longer the Russian military remains in the region, the more likely it will be able to divide it. The Ukraine conflict is now the most serious threat to the world’s security. The Ukrainian government must take immediate action to protect its citizens. In addition to dividing Ukraine, the country’s occupied regions will face a more significant risk of invasion from foreign forces. This is why the situation is so crucial to prevent a Russia-Russian war.

The recent referendum in eastern Ukraine has made it clear that the Russian government intends to divide the country into regions and annex the Crimea. A puppet Ukraine would be a police state and a dictatorship. In addition, it will be difficult to hold elections in the future. In the meantime, the occupied regions will remain in their present configuration. Eventually, a referendum may be held in these areas. Then, the Russian military will have a base for continued occupation of the occupied territories.

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