Best Camping Sites

Camping is something everyone can enjoy from a very young age to a ripe old age. There is just nothing in the world like finding the perfect spot, communing with nature, taking in the breathtaking sights, breathing fresh air, roasting marshmallows over an open fire, and waking up feeling truly rested after a peaceful sleep under the stars. Before enjoying all that nature has to offer, it is important to find the perfect spot. Consider what season, what region the trip will take place in and whether or not children will be present.

North and South Carolina offer some of the most beautiful camping spots in the world. South Carolina has Huntington Beach State Park, which is perfect for children, with it’s swimming, fishing and bird watching. Prices vary so it’s important to check with them before traveling. In North Carolina is South Mountains State Park, which is more suited for childless families, with it’s miles of hiking trails and fishing spots. Prices start at nine dollars a night.

Most people don’t think of camping trips when they think of Florida, but for sixteen dollars a night, campers can enjoy a unique trip they will never forget. Manatee Springs State Park offers fishing, boat tours and manatee watching.

In Minnesota, Bear Head Lake Camp offers fishing, hiking trails and bear, moose and eagle watching. This site will run you eighteen dollars a night.

In Wisconsin’s Big Bay Lake offers a quiet beach with swimming for only seventeen dollars a night. This one would be perfect for families with children.

In Michigan, Brimley State Park cabins run sixty-five dollars a night, or fifteen to twenty to camp outside, and once a year they offer a free fishing weekend.

In Kentucky, National Bridge Park offers a quiet retreat next to a babbling brook. Kids and Adults alike will enjoy fishing, hiking and exploring the Red River Gorge. It even has wi-fi access. Prices range from twelve to twenty-six dollars a night.

In Nebraska is the Two Rivers State Recreation Center. This one is a favorite among children because of the retired Union Pacific train cabooses that now serve as lodging. There are only ten cabooses available, so it’s important to call ahead of time for pricing and availability.

Illinois Beach State Park is located along Lake Michigan and offers swimming, fishing, hiking and many other kid friendly activities.

Camping can be a wonderful way to to bond with nature and family. The most important thing to remember is to just relax and enjoy!

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