Six Dutch Oven Rules

If you want to indulge in some delicious and wholesome meals, even while camping, dutch oven and camp cooking is the answer for you. A oven is a cousin of the portable oven, which gives you the freedom to fry, roast, roast or even boil you food wherever you may go. Now, with the help of the oven, it is possible to prepare just about any dish you would prepare in your kitchen at home. Dutch oven and camp cooking lends your food a distinct and wonderful taste.

In fact, once you learn about the host of advantages these ovens provide, they would not seem expensive to you at all. From an energizing breakfast to keep you up and about all day, to a hearty meal at night, which would ensure a good nights’ sleep, all are the workings of the oven. You can even indulge in some sinful desserts while camping, with the help of camp cooking and a dutch oven.

Once you have the oven, you do not need to carry any other camp-cooking device with you. In fact, if you take good care of the oven and take the necessary precautions, these ovens will last you a lifetime of camping trips. We are thus enlisting a few tips on how best to take care of your oven. Also mentioned are the things to avoid ensuring that it lasts long.

Rule 1

If you allow water to be in contact with your oven for a long period of time, whether the water is inside the oven or outside, even the oven with the best quality coating will rust. The reason is that cast iron is the material used in the making of most Dutch ovens.

Rule 2

You should clean your oven using a brush with hot water. Soap must be avoided at all costs, or else, your next food preparation will have a soapy taste to it. This is because the metal used in making Dutch ovens has pore, which absorb whatever is put in it. The flavor of the same gets transferred to the next dish that you cook in it. In fact, the damage of soap can be such, that in case of even accidentally using soap, you might even have to get the coating on the oven replaced.

Rule 3

The composition of the oven is such, that it can only be used for slow cooking. And hence try to avoid any hasty cooking by using this oven in ho fire as it will lead to severe damage of your dutch oven and also result in your food being completely burnt.

Rule 4

An empty dutch oven, if placed on hot coals may crack it.

Rule 5

The Dutch oven may crack, even if cold water is added to it.

Rule 6

The best way to store your Dutch oven, is by coating it lightly with some oil.

If you adhere to these tips, your Dutch oven will remain fit to produce some lip-smacking fare. You can choose from amongst the extensive range of Dutch ovens found over the Internet. Depending on your requirements and the size of your family and the kind of food you wish to cook at the campgrounds, you can decide whether to buy a large dutch oven or a small one. And if you have a large feast in mind, go in for even more than one oven.